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Core Values and Social and Ethical Code

Edition 22.04.2024, authored by Marco Bauch (Managing Director)

Special core values are anchored in the corporate DNA of Apprich Secur GmbH. These have been developed from the company's history and manifested through the community that has developed. They form the basis of a living corporate culture and our binding social and ethical code.

The main focus is on basic social and ethical requirements that take into account the trends of a globally functioning society. However, ecological and strategic principles, to which all employees must commit themselves, are also part of this.
All partners of Apprich Secur GmbH, who are equally committed to the Code, can expect a trusting and sustainable partnership.

1 Core Values

We cultivate fair and honest relationships with all employees and business partners at all times. Compliance with law and order is a self-evident obligation and an ongoing endeavour.
The cooperation between all employees of Apprich Secur GmbH is characterised by mutual esteem, respect and appreciation. In particular, every person with management or leadership responsibility is a pioneering role model. We trust and value each other. The Apprich Secur team is constantly looking for improvements and aims to achieve high standards in all areas of the company.


We want to be a reliable partner for our customers. We earn their trust by focusing them at the centre of everything we do.
We help our customers to succeed because we offer them the right solutions. Even for unknown requirements


We treat each other fairly and support each other. Personal gain must not drive selfish behaviour.
We speak to each other honestly, respectfully and sincerely. We value all constructive criticism and encourage the willingness to express it.
By acting responsibly, we create a positive corporate identity and a collegial working atmosphere.


We honour our company history and continue to transform the company.
We encourage the intellectual curiosity of our employees because it is the basis and driving force of all innovation.
We continuously improve our processes and products by further developing and optimising all solution-oriented ideas. It is too risky to maintain old conditions for the sake of convenience.


Quality must never be the subject of a dispute. With continuous motivation to improve, we realise our defined goals sustainably through joint action. We raise our customers' expectations.
We treat ourselves and all measurable resources with care and are aware of the far-reaching, negative effects of any waste.

2 Social and Ethical Code

  1. compliance with human rights and applicable laws

Apprich Secur GmbH only enters into contractual relationships with business partners who comply with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN, 1948) and observe the laws of the relevant national legal systems.

  1. prohibition of discrimination

All employees and business partners undertake to prevent any discrimination against persons in their employment or remuneration, in access to additional benefits and educational opportunities, in promotions, punishments and dismissals if this can be attributed to gender, religious, ethnic or national affiliation, marital status, political opinion, sexual orientation or any other unique individual characteristic.

It is also mandatory to improve equal opportunities for everyone.

  1. punishment – abuse - harassment

We demand that all business partners are treated with dignity and respect. Any kind of physical, psychological, sexual or verbal abuse or harassment, physical or mental coercion or corporal punishment will not be tolerated. A decentralised reporting office with a functioning whistleblower protection system has been set up on the Apprich Secur website to deal with any misconduct.

  1. prohibition of child labor

We do not accept child labour or its proceeds, either directly or indirectly. Only persons who are above compulsory school age or at least 15 years old may be employed (ILO Convention 138). Children between the ages of 15 and 18 are prohibited from performing work that is likely to be harmful to their health, safety or morals. Minors must be given access to legitimate training and transition programmes.

  1. prison, forced and slave labor

We reject any cooperation with business partners who employ people under forced, prison or slave labour or in debt bondage.

  1. wages and benefits

We demand that our business partners pay their employees the legal minimum wage. They must also pay the social security contributions and welfare contributions applicable to the region.

  1. verification and warranty

We effectively utilise the instruments made available to us by legislation. This applies in particular to supplier self-disclosure, the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG), all applicable export control mechanisms and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Further information on this can be found in the "Legal" section of our website at

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