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Our responsibility

Talking about social engagement is easy. You need to follow up words with action. We have a special consideration for the people of our region. We support local events, innovative projects and initiatives.

We put our fundamental principles into a social – and ethical codex. 
All of our employers are obligated to follow our guiding principle. In addition, we motivate our employees to lead a healthier lifestyle. That is why we start with ourselves and our team and established a company healthcare management.


Core Values and Social and Ethical Code

Edition 15.11.2022, authored by Marco Bauch (Manging Director)

The Apprich Secur GmbH has developed the following core values as well as a social and ethical code.

Contents are social and ethical basic requirements as well as ecological principles to which all employees and the business partners of the Apprich Secur GmbH are committed.


1 Core Values

We maintain fair relations with all employees and business partners at all times. Compliance with law and order is a matter of course.

The cooperation between the employees of Apprich Secur GmbH is characterised by mutual respect and appreciation.

  • We speak openly with each other, encourage, express and respect constructive criticism.

  • We encourage the intellectual curiosity of our employees because it is the basis of all innovation.

  • We realise defined goals through common actions as well as personal commitment.

  • We continuously improve our processes and platforms by using new and better ideas.

  • We use all resources carefully.

  • We help our customers succeed by finding and offering suitable solutions for their requirements.

We want to be our customers' partner. We earn our customers' trust by putting them at the centre of our actions.

2 Social and Ethical Code

  1. compliance with human rights and applicable laws

We only enter into contractual relationships with business partners who take into account the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN, 1948) and comply with the laws of the relevant national legal systems.

  1. prohibition of discrimination

All employees and business partners undertake to prevent any discrimination against persons in employment, remuneration, access to additional benefits and educational opportunities, promotions, punishments and dismissals on the basis of their gender, religious, ethnic, national affiliation, marital status, political opinion, sexual orientation and to increase equal opportunities.

  1. punishment - abuse – harassment

We require that all business partners are treated with dignity and respect. Any kind of physical, psychological, sexual or verbal abuse or harassment, physical or mental coercion and physical punishment will not be accepted.

  1. prohibition of child labor

We do not accept child labor. Only employees who are over compulsory school age or at least 15 years old may be employed (I-LO Convention 138). Children between the ages of 15 and 18 are prohibited from performing work that is likely to be harmful to the health, safety or morals of children. Minors shall be given access to legitimate training and transitional programmes.

  1. prison, forced and slave labor.

We reject any cooperation with business partners who use people in forced, prison or slave labor or in debt bondage.

forced labour, prison labor, slave labour or debt bondage.

  1. wages and benefits

We require that our business partners pay their employees the legal minimum wage. They must also pay the social security and support contributions applicable to the region.

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