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Inauguration for the new laser cutting machine

On the 29.05.2018 the Laser cutting machine was presented to specially invited guests of business, politics and media for the first time.

The Apprich Secur GmbH has invested approx. ½ Mio. Euro in a high-performance Laser cutting machine and this represents one of the largest investments at the location. This powerful Laser cutting machine replaces the previous used Plasma cutting machine, that no longer met the constantly growing requirements. The demand on Soft Skin vehicles with lockers and drop safes has increased and related to that also the requirement to be able to cut thinner sheet metals with high accuracy. The laser cutting process meets the changed market requirements in an outstanding way, costly and time-consuming grinding can be eliminated. But that’s not all, the entire manufacturing process becomes by the use of the new cutting procedure more effective.

In a live manufacturing demonstration of a small mini cash-in-transit vehicle, we could demonstrate the versatile possibilities and the precision, which are offered by this powerful machine, in a very visual way to the public. At the end of the event each guest received his own small mini Apprich Secur® CIT vehicle.

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