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Short summary security 2018

Time certainly flies and the trade show is now already 3 weeks behind us, but it will stay positive in our memory for a long time.

Our Managing Director Mrs. Uta Großer and I would like to thank you at this point for your visit and the encouraging and open dialog between us. On the basis of the presented exhibits we could have talks with you about requirements, options and perspectives for your business sector in the future.

These talks have confirmed to us, that even though your business sector may change in the future, however the transport of valuables and freight will still play an important role in the coming decade. With our product portfolio we offer you options for the classical armoured Cash and Valuable transport, the unarmoured Soft Skin transport and the secured transport of goods and products. You can choose, which of the options will be the suitable solution for your logistic concept. We can ensure you, that you will be well positioned with our new control generation CANcom2 for the requirements of tomorrow.

Let us join forces to work on the solutions of today and tomorrow, and master the challenges ahead of us.

My thanks to all my colleagues at the stand, who created a relaxed atmosphere and made it possible, that we could have open talks and discussion with you about your requirements, ideas and wishes and about possible new business opportunities.

But we are only a small part of the Apprich team. I particularly would like to thank our employees at the factory, who provided us with their innovative and creative products the basis for an interesting trade show exhibition. Only with the colleagues in the background we are able to offer you now for more than 25 years Secur® products „Made by Apprich” with sustainability. We are proud of that and will face together the challenges of next 25 years to come.

I hope, that we also could inspire you with the riddle of the performance of our company. Sometimes the simplest things in the world can be the most difficult. We however had been pleased to see how creative you have been in the design of new vehicle configurations. We never thought, what all can arise out of a simple idea.

In this sense, I hope that we will have continuously open-minded exchanges with you in the future, so that we together will be also in 2050 active in the business sector of “Transport of Valuables and Goods”.

Roberto Pareras
General Sales Manager /
Authorised Representative

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